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Invest in wind energy? You’re kidding, right?

So, if private investors are finding that wind and solar are lousy investments, even with all the subsidies and credits, when will the politicians spending your tax dollars figure it out?  Of course, we already know the answer … politicians … Continue reading

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Another half-billion down the green energy drain.

From the Daily Caller:  Panel: Green jobs company endorsed by Obama and Biden squandered $535 million in stimulus money Hot Air has the quote of the day:  “Just another object lesson in why government’s role shouldn’t be to pick winners … Continue reading

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Could solar energy’s “holy grail” be the final nail in industrial wind’s coffin?

National Review Online suggests MIT may have found the “holy grail” of solar energy – a process which permits it to be stored. The brief source article at Energy Matters claims that MIT researchers may have perfected a process which … Continue reading

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