Wayne Wegner: “Is the jury still out on the issue of eagles versus 180mph, spinning turbine blades?” Will the odds improve at Eagle Rock, Maryland?

With the ridiculous plan to site 28 industrial wind turbines at a site in Garrett County Maryland near Eagle Rock, it is worth hearing from an expert in the field.

Recently posted at the Simcoe (Canada) Reformer:  Bald Eagles vs Industrial Wind Turbines

By Wayne Wegner

Is the jury still out on the issue of eagles versus 180mph, spinning turbine blades? Hardly. Evidence from Norway, Australia, Spain, Germany, Japan, USA and Sweden clearly shows that where Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) are introduced, local nesting eagles come off second best. DDT wiped out the eagles of the lower Great Lakes in the fifties and sixties and IWTs will almost certainly be next. As Dr. Shawn Smallwood, an experienced raptor biologist from California discovered at Altamont Pass, many of the hawks, owls and eagles that are hit by turbine blades die well away from the scene of the crime(s). Those bloody carcasses are quickly recycled by scavengers, leaving no trace of their deaths. 400-foot-high Industrial Wind Turbines with chopping blades are not “green” to vulnerable wildlife like raptors or bats — not to mention migrating monarch butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs and other economically important aerial travelers.

Mr. Wegner’s post concludes!

Allegheny Treasures note: Mr. Wegner is an Environmental Scientist with an Honours Graduate degree and has spent many years as a wildlife photographer, traveling from one coast of Canada to the other, and north to south as well.  He also mentioned he has no wind projects anywhere near him.

We were privileged to post Mr. Wegner’s extensive work on the migration of the great birds at Industrial wind calls it NIMBY. Perhaps! But “this problem runs from the arctic to the tip of South America — and that is one helluva big backyard!”

His very important presentation, Location, Location, Location … Migration, Migration, Migration follows:

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