“Blunt force trauma!”

That’s the cause of death reportedly determined by the autopsy conducted on a bald eagle killed at the Erie Shores Wind Farm in Canada.  Of course, it’s all a little hush-hush!

So, here’s a reminder that, in spite of what you hear, the fate shown in this video is not reserved for vultures.  Turn your sound up and listen for the thud when the turbine applies its “BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA,” and then tell me if this silly wind business is really worth it.

Oh, and as we post this, of the 1,100 MW of installed in Ontario’s wind system, they are producing 187 MW = an astonishing 17% or rated nameplate capacity.  An absolutely worthless contribution to the energy needs of the community.

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2 Responses to “Blunt force trauma!”

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Just a reminder, US Wind Force Studies:
    Fall 2007 – 98 golden eagles and 57 bald eagles migrated across the Pinnacle Project.

    Spring 2008 – 102 golden eagles and 37 bald eagles mirgraated across the Pinnacle Project.

    In both migration studies 50% of the birds flew at rotor hub height.

    US Wind Force response…NOTHING. Because Dave Friend, the their community spokespers, and vice president of marketing, indicates that these raptores have great avoidance ability.

    Why would a company like US Wind Force ignor the warning of the US Fish and Wild LIfe Service. Perhaps it might be related to corporate greed.

    Lets hope Edision Mission Energy will heed the recommendations to secure an Incidental Take Permit. Then again may be they will be using the same business model as US Wind Force.

  2. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Lets make sure you understand what type of company US Wind Force represents: What one eagle, or one bird…this is how US Wind Force looks at the situation before they will consider shutting down an operation…

    From Maryland Outdoor Club: Feb 2003, Newsletteers.

    HAGERSTOWN (AP) – A state Public
    Service Commission hearing examiner
    has recommended approval of
    Maryland’s first wind-power electricity
    The proposal by U.S. Wind Force LLC
    of Baden, PA, would place as many as
    25 large windmills atop Big Savage
    Mountain in Allegany County to generate
    electricity. Final approval will be
    granted March 7 unless someone files
    an appeal.
    Hearing Examiner Allen Freifeld’s recommendation
    comes after a deal negotiated
    last month by the company,
    the state Department of Natural Resources
    and naturalists to prevent significant
    bird deaths from the threebladed
    turbines 500 feet above the
    The agreement includes a $20,000
    contribution by U.S. Wind Force toward
    a bird migration study at the site after
    the project is built. It also requires a
    partial shutdown of the turbines if 100
    birds or bats are killed in a 24-hour
    The project would produce up to 40
    megawatts of electricity.

    So I guess if we kill 99 eagles in one twenty four hour period it ok to keep operating. What happens if you kill 50 eagles one week and another 50 eagles another week. Acoording to US Wind Force it is business as usual.

    In March 2010, US Wind Force left this project, they failed to develop the project. They blame everyone but themselves. Guess their business plan didn’t work out. Marylanders should be shocked over this type of company behavior.

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