Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 4 and 5, 2012

Items of Interest:

1-“it is only now being recognized that offshore IWT installations have necessarily caused damage to the ecosystems, particularly coastal ecosystems, where they are erected, and that the infra sound generated by their vibration may in fact be altering the ecosystems surrounding them by causing echo location species such as whales and dolphins and other mobile species to avoid them.”

2-Guess who’s giddy about the Senate Finance Committee’s decision to move the production tax credit forward:

DenmarkTwo cheers from Vestas for U.S. wind tax credit shift

SpainAs US wind power gets tax extension boost Spanish industry fights for its life

3-“This was the third fire related incident at the Kahuku wind farm since it opened in March 2011. The battery energy storage system was hailed as breakthrough technology but clearly there are flaws.”Hawaii News Now

4-Nothing else need be said about the viability of industrial wind: “Without tax credits, Atlantic Wind would be on hold indefinitely because it would be unable to produce electricity at a competitive rate, Harris said.”THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT

5-“The fact that the effect of the tax credit is to reduce Elkhorn Ridge’s previously paid 2009 property taxes lends to the conclusion that (the law) grants a ‘special favor’ to a particular individual,” Merritt wrote. “The tax credit … is not available to any taxpayer other than Elkhorn Ridge and will not affect any county other than Knox County.”Journal Star

You mean for-profit wind companies might actually have to pay what they argeed?  Oh, the humanity!

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