US WindForce asks MD PSC to include specific performance measurements in Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding!

C’mon, did you really think the wind developer’s idea for Renewable Energy Standards meant a request that the Maryland PSC, or any local, state or federal agency should require transparent reporting of the actual output from their wind turbines to the grid in a user friendly and easily accessible format, so the public could evaluate their worth?  The kind of thing IESO does?

Well then, you might as well add to that fantasy the transparent reporting of actual CO2 emission reductions at each of the wind installations due to the closing of fossil fuel plants.  No, not the theoretical – “Gee! The things are spinning, something must be happening” nonsense.  I mean empirical data that can be measured, validated and peer reviewed for authenticity.

Heck, we should just shoot the moon and ask them to list the fossil plants that have been shut down as a direct result of industrial wind installations.

Nope, not in my lifetime.  In fact, if I recall

It’s more than likely the standards they will be asking for will be for state commitments to further their prosperity, not yours.  You know, setting standards of how much leeway they need to have, the percentage of participation in the energy mix.  If you want to know what the AWEA thinks are good Renewable Energy Standards, go the their site.  It’s the playbook for a great many LLC/wind developers and some you’re likely to hear repeated over and over.

Anyway, here’s a letter from US WindForce to the Maryland Public Service Commission, Dated March 24, 2010 in the matter of the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard – Case # 9019.  Hey … who knows!  Maybe I’ll be wrong and this time they will actually ask the PSC to set performance standards.

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