“dust in the wind”

A friend of mine pointed me to an item in today’s (WV) Mineral Daily News-Tribune Classifieds listed under Legal Notices.  I thought it was interesting enough to place it here for you:

While maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, it seemed to me the location of this “concrete batch plant” might place it near the pending Pinnacle wind facility.  With little effort, I was able to find that My O Management Services, Inc. of Oakland, MD does describe itself, at least in part, as “Project Ready Mix – Windmill Specialists and Commercial Concrete Supplier.”

Add the timing of the application (with wind turbine construction beginning), the use of the term “temporary” (for the duration of construction?) in the application, and the fact that each of the wind turbines requires a massive concrete anchor, I’d venture a guess there’s some association between the wind project and the concrete batch plant.

Again, I can’t say for sure, but maybe a future article in the Mineral Daily News-Tribune will confirm my suspicions when they report on the number of promised Mineral County jobs actually added during the project construction phase.  With all the hype they gave leading up to the beginning of actual construction, I’ll bet the MD N-T reporters are on site keeping a tally for us.  You know how they love to hold feet to fire.

Maybe the Mineral Daily News-Tribune will also do a little story detailing impact of the Regulated Air Pollutants listed in the application:

  • 3060 tons bulk cement
  • 7310 tons limestone
  • 5310 tons concrete sand
  • 3000 ton stockpiles
  • 4000 tons unpaved haul road
  • 6000 tons truck loading

I, for one, don’t know what all this means, except I do know that Keyser, where I live, is on the east side of the project and the wind blows primarily from the west.  I’m also very aware of the heavy dust particulate given off during the operation of a permanent concrete facility, and it’s not pretty.  In any case, I can’t imagine that a “temporary” concrete batch plant will be a welcome addition to the habitat of Ms. Riggleman’s Bald Eagle.  I almost hope all the crap blows down here rather than remain in the Allegheny Front forest.  I can, at least, hose off the car and sweep the walks.

But then again, looking on the bright side, if Ms. Riggleman’s Bald Eagle gets whacked by the turbine blades, the crap coming out of the concrete plant won’t be much of an issue for it anyway.

We’ll have to rely on the “on site” reporter to let us know how it all turns out!

Oh, by the way … maybe the Mineral Daily News-Tribune will help me understand how this concrete batch plant will begin operation on June5, 2011 and the WV Department of Environmental Protection Division of Air Quality will accept my written comment about the notice for up to 30 days after this notice is published.  Is it just me, or did someone close the barn door after the old grey mare skedaddled?

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