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Industrial wind flunks out!

Our friends at Windtoons nail it with this take on our recent post about the dismal performance of wind. Industrial wind = FAILURE

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PJM grid: “wind farms will produce 13 percent of their generating capacity.”

Yep, you read it right!  The recent Laurence Hammack article at notes that “PJM Interconnection LLC, the suburban Philadelphia-based company that manages the grid for a 12-state area that includes Virginia … which likens itself to the grid’s air … Continue reading

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I’m curious … is “Yabucoa” the Spanish word for rip-off?

Back in February of this year, Western Wind Energy issued a news release containing this statement:  The total assets of the Windstar Project as of the expected Commercial Operation Date, are valued at US $481.8 million comprising the Project’s fair … Continue reading

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Wind farms are “unreliable and this could leave the network dangerously exposed to blackouts.”

That’s the word from Australian state owned electricity generator Western Power, according to an article at Eco-Business. Not only are they concerned that reliance on wind as a major power source could “increase the risk of blackouts during peak demand,” … Continue reading

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Wind business ethics: “A wind farm owner once told me that if there were no witnesses, it would be impossible to prove a bird had been killed by a wind turbine blade.”

An article at the UK Mail notes this statement by field biologist Doug Bell, manager of East Bay Regional Park District’s wildlife program:  “it would take 167 pairs of local nesting golden eagles to produce enough young to compensate for their … Continue reading

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