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Eagle – Schmeagle! … “by the time problems are unveiled in post-construction monitoring, they’ve sold the facility.”

Thanks to Rick Webb of VA Wind for pointing us to a posting at North American Windpower:  “FWS Official To Wind Developers: Our Door Is Always Open” The title of the article might be a bit misleading if you read … Continue reading

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General Electric: Tax Avoiding Profiteer

I earlier decided not to post Timothy Carney’s earlier article at the Washington Examiner.  Mr. Carney did an excellent job laying out the tax code “boondoggle” which allows the green energy vagrants to feed at the door of hard working … Continue reading

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The Recorder’s Anne Adams receives award for “Editorial Leadership.”

According to an article at  Anne Adams, editor and publisher of The Recorder in Bath and Highland Counties, has been named the winner of the Virginia Press Association’s 24th annual D. Lathan Mims Award for Editorial Leadership in the … Continue reading

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Breaking: American Wind Energy Association opposes industrial wind.

I know … I could hardly believe it myself when I stumbled onto it, but the evidence was right there in black and white.  Imagine my surprise when I found that Dr. Wayne Spiggle and the American Wind Energy Association … Continue reading

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It’s all about making money, not about renewable energy

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Cumberland (MD) Times-News on April 10, 2011: To the Editor, If doubt remains that the industrial wind business is gasping for air, you only need read Frank Maisano’s recent attack on … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise: “wind farms are investment schemes, not reliable energy production plants!”

That’s the opinion of Panos Prevedouros, PhD, as expressed in his commentary posted at the Hawaii Reporter, “Wind Energy for Hawaii: Great for Profits, Not so Great for Power.” Dr. Prevedouros writes that “among all major resources for the production … Continue reading

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The tale of “The Much Maligned Tomato”

We are happy to publish the following commentary, which was submitted by a reader: Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, there was a mystical island known as “Merry Old England.”  It was called that because all of … Continue reading

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To borrow from the late, great Edwin Starr: “Wind, huh, yeah, What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Uh-huh!”

At least that’s what a growing number of citizen’s feel about industrial wind’s ability to serve as a viable energy source.  And now that wind industry spokesman Frank Maisano has confirmed that “no one — except the tried and true … Continue reading

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“wind cannot be relied upon to provide any significant level of generation at any defined time in the future”

According to the BBC News-Scotland, “Wind farms are much less efficient than claimed, producing below 10% of capacity for more than a third of the time, according to a new report.” And here’s a shocker … “The analysis also suggested … Continue reading

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Congratulations: Florida Power & Light Energy’s NextEra named Pennsylvania’s highest risk Non-Cooperator.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission just issued it’s WIND ENERGY VOLUNTARY COOPERATION AGREEMENT SECOND SUMMARY REPORT In case you’re not aware, there are a group of wind companies who voluntarily signed on to the Wind Energy Cooperative Agreement.  By signing the … Continue reading

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