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Botetourt County: so basically, just shut up!

Have fun following this: APEX Clean Energy is interested in building an industrial wind project in Botetourt County, Virginia. As a result, Botetourt County Supervisors were inspired to write an ordinance to protect all county citizens from the wind industry’s … Continue reading

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Measuring Wind Energy Performance

While the report below is focused on Virginia, the recommendations included should be followed by all regulatory agencies with the authority to grant a license to construct and operate a wind plant.  After all, who could argue with this request: … Continue reading

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We’ll just plop down a few wind turbines and Poor Mountain will look pretty again and, oh yeah, you’ll get rich and save the world!

(Image courtesy of Windtoons) A local resident says, “The area where they would go has been decimated by gypsy moths, it’s been logged, it has TV and other towers already,” Elswick said. “The windmills actually might improve the look of … Continue reading

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