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Saddle Mountain – An Allegheny Treasure

Until today, the image used to represent Allegheny Treasures was a personal photograph of Green Mountain, above Keyser, West Virginia, as seen from my home.  When taken a year ago, the 23 massive wind turbines of the Pinnacle wind project … Continue reading

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Hollister Hartman, PhD: “The Weight of Evidence shows that Poor Mountain must be rejected as UNSUITABLE for siting the proposed wind project.”

Well, that should do it, don’t you think?  No sense plopping the 747 size turbines on Virginia’s Poor Mountain.  Heck, when conditions are “prime,” the turbines have a difficult time puffing out enough electricity to read by, especially if you … Continue reading

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WV Master Naturalists warn US Fish and Wildlife Service of “irreparable environmental damage” resulting from construction of Beech Ridge Wind Project.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service, reacting to public requests, extended the period for submitting public comments to the USFWS concerning the EIS (environmental impact statement) preparation on the proposed incidental take permit for the Beech Ridge Wind Energy Project … Continue reading

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Some members of Maine task force now openly question if “goals they set for wind power can, or even should be, achieved.”

This can’t be good – “Critics and even some one-time supporters say the proponents of the law were swept up in a tidal wave of enthusiasm for a technology that turns out to require significant sacrifice from the state, but … Continue reading

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Citing stormwater issues as a major factor, developer of Vermont Community wind farm backing away.

Gee, storm water problems at industrial wind sites … This sounds familiar! The folks in Ira must be ecstatic … and good for them.  Here’s the article:  “Vermont Company Backs Off Wind Farm Plan In Town Of Ira“

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Is it not reasonable to ask, “When will the commissioners provide compelling evidence showing how a massive industrial wind presence in Garrett County will do anything other than junk up our electricity supply in the process raising costs for rate and taxpayers?”

Former Maryland State Senator John Bambacus writes at the Cumberland Times-News March 31, 2010 Why place mountains at risk? To the Editor: Cumberland Times-News — In the case of the recent devastation and destruction of the Eagle Rock community on … Continue reading

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Virginia’s industrial wind and the “lessons learned” at Gettysburg.

The article today in The Roanoke Times online edition says simply:  “SCC gives go-ahead for wind farm project in Highland County – The state agency dismissed a complaint regarding its “negative impact” on a viewshed.” A viewshed? … a “negative impact” … Continue reading

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Not your average NIMBY – environmentally concerned citizen turns away from industrial wind.

From the Thunder Bay, Ontario – Chronicle Journal: When I first heard that industrial wind turbines were to be installed on the Nor‘Wester Mountains I thought “Wonderful!” We bought our property, less than one kilometre from the proposed site, and … Continue reading

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