WV Master Naturalists warn US Fish and Wildlife Service of “irreparable environmental damage” resulting from construction of Beech Ridge Wind Project.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service, reacting to public requests, extended the period for submitting public comments to the USFWS concerning the EIS (environmental impact statement) preparation on the proposed incidental take permit for the Beech Ridge Wind Energy Project to September 23, 2010.

Interested citizens are encouraged to forward their written comments to Ms. Laura Hill, Assistant Field Supervisor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, West Virginia Field Office, 694 Beverly Pike, Elkins, WV 26241.

You may also send your comments via fax at 304-636-7824, or emailed to fw5es_wvfo@fws.gov.

Again, the deadline for your comments is September 23, 2010.

Arthur and Pamela Dodds submitted the following commentary and graciously permit us to share it here, for your convenience.

AT Notes:

Arthur W. Dodds, Jr., is a professional cartographer who worked for NOAA as a supervisor managing the instrument approach procedures charts for airports throughout the U.S.  His credentials include training and management concerning the heights of objects which could impact flight patterns; electromagnetic field impacts on RADAR; and viewshed analysis.  Mr. Dodds is also certified by the West Virginia DNR as a Master Naturalist.  Mr. Dodds serves as President of the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association.

Pamela C. Dodds, Ph.D., is a Registered Professional Geologist who has worked as a geologist/hydrogeologist for the Virginia DOT, Virginia DEQ, and an environmental firm near Bristol, Tennessee.  She has concentrated on groundwater contamination investigations and is currently conducting hydrological investigations in watersheds which will be impacted by industrial-scale wind turbine projects and by extensive high voltage transmission lines.  Dr. Dodds is also certified by the West Virginia DNR as a Master Naturalist.  Mrs. Dodds serves as Treasurer of the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association.

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