Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 6, 2012

Items of Interest:

1-“Wind Energy Is Extraordinarily Expensive And Inefficient”Watts Up With That?

2-“As dawn came and the 1.4 million customers in Xcel Energy’s service district began turning on the lights, toasters and other appliances, the utility’s coal and natural gas-fired power plants ramped up production and brought wind’s contribution back closer to its 2012 average of 17%.”

So, we just have to change our lives from day to night to accommodate.

3-“But this fight misses the bigger point – why are we building wind in an area already dominated by hydro when we are supposed to be replacing coal and gas with alternative sources? Building wind under these circumstances squanders whatever benefit to global warming comes from low-carbon sources since replacing hydro with wind, or vice versa, does nothing to lower carbon emissions, but wastes precious construction resources.”Forbes

4-Hmmm! I suppose it all depends on how you choose to present the facts:

Greentechmedia – “The Real Deal on US Subsidies: Fossil’s $72B, Renewable Energy’s $12B

or …

US Energy Information Administration  – “Relative to their share of total electricity generation, renewables received a large share of direct federal subsidies and support in FY 2010. For example, renewable fuels accounted for 10.3 percent of total generation, while they received 55.3 percent of federal subsidies and support

5-Energy Consumers vs. Regulators: Who Knows Best? (Mercatus study stands up to critics)MasterResource

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