Enjoy the Wildlife Center of Virginia Eagle Cam

Thanks to Frank O’Hara for pointing us to this superb online Eagle Cam.

According to the site, “the three bald eagles from Norfolk Botanical Garden were relocated to the Wildlife Center of Virginia on April 27 after their mother was killed by an airplane the previous day. The eaglets are receiving excellent care and are being prepared for release into the wild in August.”

Follow the link:  http://www.wvec.com/marketplace/microsite-content/eagle-cam.html

Also enjoy our link to the US Fish and Wildlife Service Eagle Cam, courtesy of the Outdoor Channel at this link:  http://www.outdoorchannel.com/Conservation/EagleCam.aspx

AT Note:  The Outdoor Channel cam was temporarily down at the time of posting, but keep checking in as they will resolve the problem.

Enjoy these magnificent creatures as they prepare to join others along the massive migratory highway that is the Appalachian Mountains.  Read more on the migratory path of the eagles in Wayne Wegner’s excellent piece:  Industrial wind calls it NIMBY. Perhaps! But “this problem runs from the arctic to the tip of South America — and that is one helluva big backyard!”

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