Jasper Morris – A true Allegheny Treasure

With the passing of Jasper Morris, this community says farewell to a true Allegheny Treasure.

He was my scoutmaster when I was a kid and later kept a close eye on us “local” students at “Pot State.”  I recall his kindness, his gift for keeping a smile on those around him and his curiosity about everything.  All the things kids seem to gravitate to were found in this gentle man.

I lost track of him as I traveled about, but every now and then I’d remember gathering tent caterpillars and campfires and the skits we all had to participate in at scout camp.  The memories would always bring a smile.

After returning to the area, I had it in my mind to visit him, but, as these things often work out, I did not.  I thought he probably wouldn’t remember me, it was such a long time ago.  I wanted to tell him that I appreciated the many hours he spent with us kids and that what he did all those years ago mattered.  Lacking that opportunity, I’d like very much to do so now.

Thank you, Mr. Morris!

His obituary can be found here.

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