John Deere dumps wind farming to return to its roots.

From the Washington Examiner:  Deere sells wind energy business, John Deere Renewables, to Exelon subsidiary for $900 million

In a $900 million sale, John Deere ends its wind adventure in which it, according to the article, “invested $1 billion over the past five years in the financing, development and ownership of wind energy projects.

It seems “the sale will allow it (Deere) to get back to what it does best, which is manufacturing farm equipment.”

For the collectors among you, I thought I’d capture this page before it is removed from the John Deere site:

I especially like the phrase on their page, “A level of integrity and stability that is unmatched in the industry.”  For some reason, like a lot of other folks, I always trusted John Deere, which might be a major reason they’ve remained a strong and profitable company.

But that “generations to come” commitment to wind energy they touted on their page seems a little disingenuous, don’t you think?  Unless you’re talking about rabbits, 5 years is not a lot of generations.

The departure from the wind farm industry does make one wonder if it was Deere’s failure or the future of the wind business in general causing the shift in Deer’s desire to offer customers “one-stop wind energy development from the leader on the land.”  Seems to me that, based on history, Deere has had a pretty darned good track record.  But I’ll let you jump to your own conclusion.

Anyway, makes you wonder who will be picking up the mantle of unmatched “integrity and stability” now?  Maybe Synergics Wind Energy?

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2 Responses to John Deere dumps wind farming to return to its roots.

  1. John Deere was involved in the wind scam? If I had known that, I would have sold my John Deere tractor, lawn tractor, Gator, and my dog would no longer be wearing a John Deere collar. Our mountains are being ruined and big wind developers are getting rich with our tax money–the damage to our environment by big wind is beyond belief. We will be looking at those monster turbines forever. John Deere wised up–now everyone else needs to too.

  2. frank o'hara says:

    Thanks Margaret, for sharing Big Industrial Win I agree fully.

    My best guess is the John Deer Marketing department thought perhaps they could use the John Deer colors (green and yellow) to promote their company.

    Yes Green and Yellow blades spinning. Rather sick
    Try to Visualize Whirled Peas in a blender.

    Then again maybe John Deer’s engineering department realized the turbines would be less than 30% efficient. A dead standing John Deere turbines will not fit the coporate logo…Nothing runs like a deer.

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