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Glenn Schleede evaluates Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. statements on industrial wind.

The Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) presents Mr. Glenn Schleede. During a forum at the University of Charleston, West Virginia the Forum, Robert Kennedy, Jr. made many statements about wind energy that are false or misleading and should not … Continue reading

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The arrogance of small community politicians.

Funny, the things you find.  Take this little letter posted at the WV Public Service Commission web site.  A quick peek for “Pinnacle” and then a look at activities list associated and up pops this: My first thought was … … Continue reading

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Hey c’mon! If you make us meet quality standards you’re going to shut the wind industry down.

From Smart Money:   Spain’s government in May 2009 introduced a government-controlled registry of new wind farms that established stringent quality prerequisites for new wind parks in order to slow the uncontrolled growth of wind power. The regulatory change paralyzed the … Continue reading

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