Maryland Attorney General requires regulators to consider endangered species when permitting wind projects. Full text of opinion here.

From the Cumberland Times:  Attorney general: Endangered species a factor in wind power

— ANNAPOLIS (AP) — An opinion from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office says state utility regulators have to consider Maryland’s endangered species when deciding on wind power proposals.

Garrett and Allegany County state legislators sought the opinion following a federal judge’s ruling that stopped work on a West Virginia wind power project. The judge ruled a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was needed because the project was likely to kill endangered bats. The judge also banned operation of existing turbines during migration.

The opinion by Robert N. McDonald, the attorney general’s chief counsel for opinions and advice, said the state’s endangered species act was patterned after the federal act and state courts are likely to apply standards developed under the federal act.

Article ends!

AT note:  The full text of the opinion letter is included here for your convenience:

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