Read Doctor Nissenbaum’s testimony stating there is a risk to health from wind turbines. Hey! Then maybe you can help me understand why the Maine Board of Environmental Protection sided with ex-Gov wind developer instead.

The Mainebiz news staff matter of factly said the appeal of a 22 turbine wind farm near Roxbury was tossed out.

In their obvious haste to get the facts out it seems the name of the citizen’s group was omitted.  Everyone associated with the wind side of the argument made the short article, it appears.

I’m guessing the citizen’s group might be the Concerned Citizens to Save Roxbury.  If so, they even have a web site!  I’ll link it here for your convenience:

You can search out the ex-Gov wind developer and cast of merry millionaires for yourself.  Or call the Mainebiz folks.  They might just have some phone numbers on the speed dial.

Anyway, it seems the Maine Board of Environmental Protection decided the concerns of a citizen’s group shouldn’t stand in the way of former Governor/current wind developer’s project.

Well, here’s the testimony of Dr.Michael A. Nissenbaum, M.D.  He seems pretty convinced there is an issue.  Interesting commentary about the ex-Governor included.  Well worth your time.

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