Upstate New York community “finally taking a hard look at the destruction” caused by industrial wind.

From upstate New York’s Daily News Online:

Opinion from Steven Moultrup – (Saturday, February 20, 2010 2:27 AM EST)

Local town boards seem to be finally taking a hard look at the destruction wind-turbines are creating in upstate New York. The Aurora Town Board is considering a six-month moratorium on wind turbines. Councilman (Jeffrey) Harris of Aurora doesn’t believe the town should ban wind turbines entirely but remarked, “I’d like to see them not so big like you see when you drive to Warsaw.”

The Town of Victor recently passed a similar moratorium and the Town of Huron in Wayne County officially took a position opposing the New York Power Authority’s plan for wind farms and voted 5-0 against it. In Genesee County the county planners said “no” to just one proposed turbine because it would pose a safety hazard for planes that use the county airport. Is anyone in Wyoming County considering the two private airstrips (Attica and Warsaw) bordering Orangeville?

Residents of Wales just west of Sheldon are worried about wind turbines as recently reported in the East Aurora Advertiser. In Wales the issue is taking on added importance in the community that borders the Wyoming County line, “which has seen a proliferation of wind turbines on nearby hills.”

It was further reported that at the Town Board’s Jan. 26 meeting Councilman (Gerald) Klinck thinks that Wales could be in for the same fate unless the current law is modified. The Wales zoning code requires wind energy systems (turbines) to be a minimum of 2,650 linear feet from any residential dwelling regardless of the zoning classification. “He also expressed fear for the wellbeing of people whose homes might be near future wind turbines.

“‘If people live too close to these things, the cumulative effect on their health’ may be negative, Klinck told the board. ’I don’t think that you want any of our residents going through what these people have.’”

In the Town of Allegany the Town Board has determined that wind turbines should be set back 2,500 feet from homes and schools. In Orangeville the Town Board passed a zoning law that allows turbines to be sited 700 feet from property lines and 1,320 feet from residences. What were they thinking?

Please read the latest Olean Times Herald where they reported at the last Allegany Town Board meeting citizens raised issues concerning noise, aesthetics and environmental issues pertaining to a proposed wind farm in their town. A citizen posed a question: “Why are there so many complaints and lawsuits by people because of the sound that keeps them up at night from wind turbines? … Why is it such a big problem?”

As reported, Mr. (Dan) Spitzer replied, “‘Define big … is it 100 people’ complaining about the noise.” The citizen responded, “If you’re the person who can’t sleep at night, it’s big.” This citizen became offended at Mr. Spitzer’s comments and asked him what right he had to make derogatory comments about others.

“‘I’m their lawyer, that’s who,’ Mr. Spitzer said of his role as town board and planning board attorney.”

“‘Knock it off. I’m the town board’s lawyer and the planning board’s lawyer,’ Mr. Spitzer yelled.” Following more arguing the Town Board called for a recess.

Orangeville residents, this is the same lawyer who represents Invenergy and is working with our Town Board to site wind turbines throughout our town.

Steven Moultrup lives in Orangeville.

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