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Shocker! Ohio County Official: “I don’t think Champaign County can realistically rely on tax revenue from turbines.”

From the Urbana Daily Citizen: Adams, Faber and local officials contest Strickland’s plans to “erase” turbine taxes BREANNE PARCELSStaff Writer While Ohio Governor Ted Strickland touted elimination of tangible personal property taxes for wind and solar companies Tuesday, that prospect … Continue reading

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American Thinker: It’s Not Blowing In The Wind

Courtesy of American Thinker February 01, 2010 It’s Not Blowing In The Wind By Brian Sussman A push in the U.S. Senate for an alternative to proposed “cap and trade” legislation began in earnest on the day of the Massachusetts special … Continue reading

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Baltimore Sun: “WV wind farm bows to bats, as issue arises in MD” UPDATE: Commentary from Jon Boone

From the Baltimore Sun Environmental Blog, B’MoreGreen, as posted by Tim Wheeler FEBRUARY 1, 2010 WV wind farm bows to bats, as issue arises in MD A West Virginia wind farm developer has agreed to scale back its project and … Continue reading

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