Maine State Representative co-chair of Utilities and Energy Committee with Attorney wife representing wind developers. C’mon … do you really have to ask?

Another one from the “fox meet hen-house” file!

From the Bangor (Maine) Daily News:  Wind conflict?

Another item on the Ethics Commission’s agenda this Thursday stems from the controversy — at least among some Mainers — over industrial wind power.

Rep. Jon Hinck, D-Portland, is seeking the commission’s advice on whether he could have a conflict of interest when considering wind power legislation. Hinck’s wife, Juliet Browne, is an attorney whose clients include wind energy developers and other regulated industries that do business with the state.

Hinck is co-chairman of the Utilities and Energy Committee, which reviews legislation dealing with wind energy and regulation of power producers. Hinck requested the advice after some critics of Maine’s growing wind energy industry raised the issue.

Article ends!

AT Note:  Does this seem to be a growing issue around the country?

Go to the Citizens Task Force on Wind Power – Maine.

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