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When a wind energy project is connected to the grid, how much greenhouse gas emission reduction will it really achieve? We’ve got answers!

Attempting to answer what the wind industry will not, Mr. Dave Umling offers this: We haven’t received a direct answer yet, so I have applied my professional planning knowledge of research and survey techniques to identify some of the most … Continue reading

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Supervisors vote to prohibit tall structures…”Future of Tazewell (Virginia) wind farm looks bleak.”

Link referral courtesy of Allegheny Front Alliance: Future of Tazewell wind farm looks bleak A proposed wind farm project might be dead in Tazewell County. The future looks bleak for the project after the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors voted … Continue reading

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Wisconsin town votes in favor of one year industrial wind moratorium!

What ever happened to the concept of home rule?  Seems that all these folks want to do is have a say in their lives.  But the last two lines of this article says it all:  “Glenmore Chairman Don Kittell, who … Continue reading

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