Robert Bryce says industrial wind business is “a scam from beginning to end.” w/video

Thanks to Jon Boone for directing our attention to the excellent discussion of US energy independence featuring author Robert Bryce, John Stossel and T. Boone Pickens.

In discussing Mr. Bryce’s upcoming book, Mr. Boone refers to this comment from Mr. Bryce:  “Wind does not cut CO2 emissions, a fact that is corroborated by the statistics coming out of Denmark, which has taken the wind experiment further than any other country.”  Mr. Boone notes that Mr. Bryce cites the work done by Canadian engineer Kent Hawkins and others which confirms that conclusion.  Mr. Bryce’s new book:  POWER HUNGRY:  The Myths of “Green” Energy, and the Real Fuels of the Future, will be available in April.

Moreover, he (Mr. Bryce) makes it clear that “wind energy increases the need for natural gas“–and fossil fuels generally, other conditions being equal. Wind is a feckless energy source,” said Mr. Boone, adding “but the real news is that it cannot even achieve its reason for being.”

Enjoy this exchange:

Both Mr. Boone and Mr. Bryce have been cited here at Allegheny Treasures.

Earlier posts from Robert Bryce linked here.  Visit Mr. Bryce’s site here.

Mr. Boone’s significant contribution to Allegheny Treasures can be found at this link.  Also visit Mr. Boone’s site, Stop Ill Wind.

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