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Wonderful West Virginia Magazine challenged for promotion of industrial wind.

Embedded for your convenience are letters to the Editor of the Wonderful West Virginia Magazine.  Mr. Dave Umling, author of the letters, took strong exception to the promotion of industrial wind in the 2009 Special Edition of the magazine, which … Continue reading

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The political friends of industrial wind hamper state and federal agencies.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette provides another example of ill-prepared and vote driven politicians ignoring advice offered by state and federal agencies.  The opening statement in article titled “Somerset wind turbines seen as aviation hazard” declares, “The Federal Aviation … Continue reading

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Coal is 24/7/365 – Wind is ???

(courtesy of Windtoons) Interesting read from the Credit Herald – a Financial blog:  New coal-fired power plant fuels debate Key thought from the article – “While burning coal releases CO2, the fuel has advantages over renewable forms of electricity. At … Continue reading

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