“Life Under a Windplant” – a documentary. Will you hear the wake-up call Mineral County?

“Life Under a Windplant”, Jon Boone’s documentary about the Meyersdale, PA wind facility, which he produced and directed with David Beaudoin, is provided here for your viewing, thanks to the courtesy of Mr. Boone.

The documentary features how the wind plant affects the lives of the people in the community and shows the sights and sounds that emanate from 375-foot tall wind turbines sited atop surrounding ridgetops.  Mr. Boone’s very informative web site is linked here for your convenience –  Stop Ill Wind

This documentary is recommended for viewing by every resident of Mineral County, West Virginia, as well as citizens of any community considering the installation of industrial wind turbines.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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2 Responses to “Life Under a Windplant” – a documentary. Will you hear the wake-up call Mineral County?

  1. Not only are the industrial turbines trying to push their way in to my community, but we are also in the throes of the wind turbine issue now in Joyfield Township, Benzie County, Michigan. There are several groups in a four township area along and near Lake Michigan who are trying to regulate or stop the development of 200+, five-hundred foot tall turbines. Much like other communities, the farmers and larger property owners signed land lease agreements with an LLC of Duke energy before the community at large new anything about the proposed “wind farm”. Yes, they want to “farm” the wind. Many of us have spent the last year, researching, talking, teaching, going to township meetings asking for a wind moratorium, then zoning and a master plan, then a police power wind ordinance in trying to protect our environmentally beautiful area where we live. Our township does not have zoning. We live just miles down the shoreline of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake shore, that was voted “most beautiful place in America to visit” by American’s answering an ABC poll.
    Incredibly, in early November, we recalled three of our township elected board members, due to conflict of interest, as they all signed a land lease agreement. Appointments were made for a new board, two of those appointed have either signed contracts or their immediate families have. We will have an election in Feb. for the permanent board members and then another in Nov. as that’s when terms expire.
    I would appreciate any information that may be helpful as we continue to fight big wind and the largest utility company in America.
    Mary S.

  2. KP says:

    I watched this film as part of a Renewable Energy course at my college. I have to say that while it may not prove the “evils” of the wind energy industry, it does give incorrect and skewed facts. The portion about their claims of loss of home values around the area are not only incorrect but even the math is wrong. They claim one property lost “over 50%” in one statement and “62%” kin the second (presumably about the same transaction. The actual transaction was this; The wind turbine company bought the property for approximately $101k. and sold it for $65k to a company employee. This only represents a 35% loss AND both sales were original purchases for F.M.V. then resold at a loss by the company. These do not represent loss of property values unless you can document private sales where the F.M.V has decreased.

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