And another thing, Pop … what exactly do they grow over at the wind farm?

A knowledgeable commenter took exception to my use of the term “wind farm” suggesting that “A wind plant farms nothing, except perhaps income sheltering tax avoidance schemes.”  “Farm” is a funny term for a  line of metal poles with a sometimes spinning propeller.  So, henceforth and hereafter, if you see the term “wind farm” here it will be to quote someone else.  (or I screwed up)

I was not alone, however.  The Windtoons kids seem as confused as I once was (until today, that is!):

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1 Response to And another thing, Pop … what exactly do they grow over at the wind farm?

  1. ‘Wind Farm’ is indeed a curious term, but it does help to conjure up a misleadingly rustic image and make them feel more harmonious with nature even though each turbine needs thousands of tons of concrete, uses toxic polluting magnets made in China, requires massive amount of construction and transport, site clearance, new roads and infrastructure (millions more tons of asphalt, concrete gravel etc), plus they kill birds at an alarming rate, seem to have a tendency to catch fire (potentially spreading that fire to surrounding crop sand forests) make bats lungs explode and potentially cause anyone within a couple of miles to develop migraine, insomnia, depression and the urge to start up anti wind farm blogs due to the low frequency content of the noise pollution which they create. And they create dirty electricity (yes such a thing really does exist) and are all heavily subsidized at tax payers’ expense while raising electricity bills at the same time. And more are being built despite the fact that AGW consensus is now collapsing, the green sector is collapsing and Alaska is boasting 200 years worth of oil which the US doesn’t want anyone to know they are keeping untapped as they try and control the middle east and corner the world’s oil supply – which is not even the finite fossil fuel we are made to believe in schools, but more like the result of chemical reactions deep inside the earth. Oh yes and we may in fact be headed for a mini ice age anyway because the sun (which drives our climate, which is why other planets and moons in our solar system have been warming a little recently too) is now going into a period of low output. In a mini ice age – should one occur – these wind ‘farms’ will be completely useless, as the last two freezing cold winters have shown us.

    ‘Wind power station’ would be more accurate, except that they do not produce power when the wind is either too weak or too strong (or too gusty) which is why they need to have coal (or similar) power stations running in the background to cover demand.

    ‘Wind turbine industrial site’ is perhaps closer to the truth, however it’s not very snappy.

    Given that they only make money for private companies and are being used to brain wash us all into accepting Agenda 21 perhaps the most accurate name we could give them is simply: ‘scam’

    Short, snappy, accurate.

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