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California has a novel idea to protect birds and bats. Don’t build wind plants where they fly! UPDATE: VIDEO SHOWS WHY!

Video link courtesy of Jon Boone: Now to the original text: According to the, a new “Report paves way for wildlife-friendly wind power in Monterey County.” So, exactly how do they achieve this ground-breaking harmony between endangered species and … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Jon Boone – Toward a Better Understanding of Industrial Wind Technology

Jon Boone – Environmentalist, Artist, Author, Documentary Producer, and Formal Intervenor in Wind Installation Hearings Introduction: It’s been extremely difficult to bridge the gap that exists between those who know little about the issue and those who have a more … Continue reading

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UPDATE: WIND DEVELOPER’S POSTER – Wind Power Director on taxing wind power – “of course it generates power and in that way it’s similar to a coal plant, but it’s fundamentally different from a coal plant. Because it’s intermittent …”

UPDATE:  WIND DEVELOPER’S POSTER – ORIGINAL POST TEXT FOLLOWS POSTER – From our friends in Ohio! $400 million – much of it from taxpayers – for 130 MW Wind Plant You heard it right:  “Wind Power Director on taxing wind … Continue reading

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Agencies sworn to protect must not permit the kill.

This very important letter by Ajax Eastman, which we are honored to present, has been submitted to the Baltimore Sun in response to their report on a Federal Court suit regarding a proposed industrial wind facility in Greenbrier County, West … Continue reading

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West Virginia’s Pinnacle Knob Wind Project – So many questions, so little time!

Allegheny Treasures is starting to receive, what appears to be open questions from readers regarding the Pinnacle Knob project, proposed for Mineral County, WV.  At least they’re still open to the submitters!  Maybe these have been answered, maybe not. So, … Continue reading

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The Allegheny Highlands – Where eagles dare!

Tracking eagles:  “The National Aviary, in collaboration with the Powdermill Avian Research Center and the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune in Quebec and with State Wildlife Grant funding from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, has embarked on a … Continue reading

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“Hey, Pop! Are those big fans on the mountain dangerous to animals?” “Nah! No history of that, Son!”

Thanks to Jon Boone.

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Environmental groups say turbines will kill bats. Wind power developer says yes, but not “that” bat.

Here we go …  (article supplied text in bold) A proposed West Virginia wind power project will harm a tiny, endangered bat and its developers should be [sic] should be required to obtain permits under the Endangered Species Act, attorneys … Continue reading

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And another thing, Pop … what exactly do they grow over at the wind farm?

A knowledgeable commenter took exception to my use of the term “wind farm” suggesting that “A wind plant farms nothing, except perhaps income sheltering tax avoidance schemes.”  “Farm” is a funny term for a  line of metal poles with a … Continue reading

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Hey, Pop! Was that a UFO that just landed on the roof?

Thanks to for the great lead to this sobering tale: From National Wind Watch – “Wind turbine concerns lead to road closure, home evacuations” McBAIN – A road in Missaukee County was closed for several hours Sunday afternoon and … Continue reading

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