The Allegheny Highlands – Where eagles dare!

Tracking eagles:  “The National Aviary, in collaboration with the Powdermill Avian Research Center and the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune in Quebec and with State Wildlife Grant funding from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, has embarked on a program to study the migration patterns of golden eagles in the Appalachian region of eastern North America, and the risk that these migrating birds may encounter from development of wind power sites in the Appalachian region.

Here are a few interesting GIFs from the National Aviary Conservation and Field Research Site.  Be sure to visit for even more!

The captions are mine, not theirs.  You can click on the map for the direct link to each map.

Darn, Ralph! Pretty heavy traffic here in Eastern Panhandle!

And this …

Heading north to see the relatives!


Going to the WV Football Game?

Going to the WV Football Game?

Visit the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA and drop by their web page – linked here for your convenience –  for lots more good stuff, and above all .. support their fine work with a donation at this link.

At the same time, make sure, whatever you do, protect these magnificent creatures!

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1 Response to The Allegheny Highlands – Where eagles dare!

  1. AlleghenyFrontAlliance says:

    Sometimes we just take things for granted…Always been there…

    Did you know we have a nesting Bald Eagles here in Mineral County, Jennings Randolph Lake.

    Our resident breeding pair of American Bald Eagles has again fledged a pair of young this year. They have been breeding at the lake for the last 15 years and usually fledge two young a year and did fledge three young several years ago.

    Some eagles do not breed every year but are capable of breeding annually from the age of four, but some adults, though paired, seem to choose not to breed. It might be an instinctive decision, based on weather, availability of nesting sites or food. We are fortunate that our eagles have successfully breed for the nine years they have been residents

    Here are some interesting facts:
    Fall 2007 99 golden Eagles flew along the Allegheny Front, and 57 bald eagles. During Spring 2008, 102 golden eagles headed north and 37 bald eagles also followed.

    Looking for something to do…select those perfect fall days…clear…sky…about three hours after sunrise and another three hours before sunset…you should see the raptors flying…Pinnacle Knob…Fire Tower is perfect…

    Go for it…

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