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“Quote of the Month” – Courtesy of John Droz, Jr.

Adding a comment to Dr. Michael Trebilcock’s recent article at the Financial Post, John Droz, Jr. offered that “Wind needs to be in our energy mix to the same degree that Twinkies need to be in our diet.” Clear and … Continue reading

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If the wind is free, why do we have to pay you to take it?

In an earlier post, “Mountain Breezes – Green Energy’s New Coal?,” we spoke of the taking of the coal.  For decades past, and likely many decades future, the important, yet much maligned resource has, and will continue to feed the energy … Continue reading

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But Congress mandated that the wind would blow, Mother Nature. Now how about a little cooperation.

The Industrial Wind Action Group, pointed me to an interesting article about the unintended consequences of Wind Power and related “renewable energy mandates, government subsidies and a race to build wind turbines whether or not the grid can handle the … Continue reading

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