“Quote of the Month” – Courtesy of John Droz, Jr.

Adding a comment to Dr. Michael Trebilcock’s recent article at the Financial Post, John Droz, Jr. offered that “Wind needs to be in our energy mix to the same degree that Twinkies need to be in our diet.”

Clear and to the point, Mr. Droz! … and thanks for the laugh!

Michael Trebilcock’s work can be found at the Financial Post online, linked here.  In an April, 2009 commentary, Dr. Trebilcock takes on the myth of wind as a viable power source in “Wind power is a complete disaster.”

Mr. Droz offers great perspective on wind power at his site – linked here, and at Wind Power Facts link listed under Wind Energy Resources on this page.  Mr. Droz also provides a very informative weekly free publication via email.  You can sign up to the growing list at his web site.

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