But Congress mandated that the wind would blow, Mother Nature. Now how about a little cooperation.

The Industrial Wind Action Group, pointed me to an interesting article about the unintended consequences of Wind Power and related “renewable energy mandates, government subsidies and a race to build wind turbines whether or not the grid can handle the new capacity.”

The article was originally published at Forbes.com by Jonathan Fahey, and titled “Wind Power’s Weird Effect.”  The article’s sub-title, “One unintended consequence renewable energy: electricity that has to be given away,” would seem the perfect scenario.  Mr. Fahey’s lead sentence seems optimistic, “The science fiction fantasy of abundant free electricity is finally coming true. Sort of.”  But the reality of Mother Nature lurks behind the panacea.

Mr. Fahey’s article sadly ends with this commentary “In the long run, the wind power boom could push daytime prices higher. To balance fickle windmills, utilities will need more juice from gas-fired peaking plants. That intermittent power will be expensive.”

Mr. Fahey sets out an excellent discussion that should be read in its entirety.  That can be done at Industrial Wind Action Group or the original at Forbes.com.

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