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Jon Boone: Oxymoronic Windpower

Mr. Boone’s article originally appeared at MasterResource, the premier “free-market energy blog.” We thank Mr. Boone for granting permission to post his commentary and encourage readers to visit Mr. Boone’s Stop Ill Wind site for more of his expert analysis … Continue reading

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US wind energy and Enron – joined at the … uhhh … well … let’s just say they’re connected.

From the Best of MasterResource – “Remembering When Enron Saved the U.S. Wind Industry” [MasterResource Editor’s Note: This post by Robert Bradley Jr. from January 19th documents a fact that American Wind Energy Association might not want to know. If … Continue reading

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From American Thinker: Wind Energy’s Ghosts

A must read from Andrew Walden, who suggests that “Bankrupt Europe has a lesson for Congress about wind power.” Mr. Walden begins his commentary with how “the disembodied voices of 37 skeletal wind turbines abandoned to rust on the hundred-acre site of … Continue reading

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