We’re Absolutely Certain The Science Is Sorta Settled

h/t – WUWT

Noted Harvard Science Historian Naomi Oreskes suggested that since the science is settled the scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC’s) Working Group 1 (WG1)—the ones tasked with assessing the physical science basis of climate change—should “declare their job done.”

Hilarity ensues as the “Science Settlers” begin to counter noting that current-generation climate models are crude representations of the complex dynamical system that is our climate.

Sorta like: The models we use to absolutely predict that the world is ending really soon actually suck a bit, so we need a lot more money and time to kinda better settle the settled science. In the meantime of course, it’s certainly OK to purchase that $11.75 million waterfront mansion.

Like always, pull the money and out pops the truth.

Read more here.

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