Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 7, 2012

Items of Interest:

1-“He also noted that wind farms are attractive to investors because government subsidies are often available to support their construction.”  “You’ll probably see more of them being erected up and down the ridges, unless the government decides not to support that”renewablesbiz

And you’d be seeing more artificial ducks on my pond if the government taxpayers sent me a check for each.  What part of this is so confusing, folks?

2-And coming soon to your personal electric bill: “Britain’s ‘obsession’ with wind farms will push up family electricity bills by more than £300 a year, a report claimed today.” – Daily Mail

3-Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the actual articleBoston-based wind farm developer faces new challenge as it tries to solve mystery of Hawaii fire

Check out KP’s

4-“lightning hit one of the blades of the turbine, sending part of it to the ground. The fire continued to burn, both at the base and at the top of the 175-foot-tall tower.”Brookings Register

I know you folks are probably tired of hearing about this, but when you live in the mountains and officials tell you to “Just let them burn and they will eventually burn out.” … well, dammit … that just isn’t good enough.

5-“some scientists say, we have the technology to burn plutonium in a new generation of “fast” reactors. That could dispose of the waste problem, reducing the threat of radiation and nuclear proliferation, and at the same time generate vast amounts of low-carbon energy.The Energy Collective


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