Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 8, 2012

Items of Interest:

1-“The amount of misinformation driven by the wind industry and its surrogates has reached a point where the public and Congress are less willing to blindly follow AWEA’s lead.”MasterResource

2-“President Barack Obama announced late Monday that a large wind farm and a solar-power plant both planned on federal land in Arizona will get expedited reviews so they can begin construction quickly. Five other projects across California, Nevada and Wyoming will get similar treatment, according to the announcement.”Tuscon Citizen

Not to confuse the issue, but “federal land” is more accurately described as “US Taxpayer owned property.”

3-Also, from the Tuscon CitizenThe scale problem for solar and wind generation of electricity

4-“Vestas Wind Turbines To Dot Landscape In Tuscany”North American Wind Power

I love the term “dot landscape.”  As the saying goes … “you can lead them to water.

5-“They (Criterion Power Partners) estimate that this change will save an estimated 50 percent of bats without loosing significant power.”Audubon Magazine

From what I read, not a lot of significant power would be lost if the turbines hadn’t been installed in the first place and, best of all, they wouldn’t be killing any endangered species.

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