Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 3, 2012

Items of Interest:

1-“Those in favor of extending the credit, said Jimmy Glotfelty, executive vice president of external affairs at Clean Line Energy Partners, a transmission developer, “want the jobs associated with the wind farms that can be developed today.”New York Times

Mr. Glotfelty, an official with the former Bush administration is,  of course, one who expects to benefit from the extention of the tax credit.

2-“A common misconception exists in the alternative energy circle that says wind power does not cause environmental damage. This is simply not true.”Freedom Works

3-“Exelon is part of a growing contingent of companies and other stakeholders who
recognize that the production tax credit for wind has achieved its goal of
jump-starting the wind industry and after 20 years, should be allowed to sunset
as required by the existing law,” the company said in a statement.”Chicago Tribune

4-“While the five-page document outlines several potential impacts that the wind farm project could have on landowners and the surrounding landscape, its conclusion is that there is “no significant impact” expected from the proposal.”Pierce County Herald

Hmmm … makes you wonder if the WV PSC consulted on this decision.

5-“Germany, the nation that has a California-like fantasy that it will get 80 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2050—is building 23 new coal-fired power plants …”Power Line Blog

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