Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 2, 2012

Items of Interest:

1-“The trouble started shortly before 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday in the battery storage building where the energy collected by the 12 (wind) turbines is stored.”Hawaii News Now

2-“Right now, researchers are exploring new solutions to reducing bat deaths at large wind farms, but with the rising number of small wind turbine installations for residential and urban areas, bats may lose more valuable habitat.”treehugger

3-“Mitt Romney and Barack Obama draw up battle lines over US wind farm tax credits” – The Guardian

4-“Much as I love the whole idea of wind power, I have to ask: Is it being used in a safe manner for all involved?”The Bethel Citizen

5-“Environmentalists try to stop wind turbine project” – KGET

“The condor is an important issue to all three of the groups I represent,” said Babak Naficy who represents the Sierra Club and a coalition of environmental groups that sued North Sky River Energy over the company’s plans to install 100 wind turbines in an area north of Mojave, inhabited by the California Condor.”

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