Music to my ears!

This is really interesting!  It comes from our good friends at EPAW (European Platform Against Windfarms).


Wind Power Horror Serenade

Protest concert based on wind turbine sounds

Copenhagen- December 9, 2011

This is a true story of an old freedom fighter’s valiant stand against the unjustice of wind power, with music as a weapon.

On April 9th, 1940 Denmark was occupied by German troops. The first years of occupation there was no resistance. Then a small group of youngsters in a high school in Aalborg, Northern Jutland started a different kind of sabotage and began to steel weapons from the Germans. Their activities had no real results, but the youths became known as the Churchill-group. After a year or so the members were arrested and imprisoned for long time.

Knud Pedersen was one of them. Today he is 86 years old and one of the last surviving freedom fighters from the time of German Occupation (1940-1945). After he was finally freed, for decades Knud Pedersen and his wife Bodil have had a house in the forests of Southern Sweden. In 2009 their paradise was threatened by a wind project in the forest around their home. That made Knud start his resistance fight against this injustice against humans. His contribution to our common resistance is a musical composition called “Wind Power Horror Serenade”, which will be played in the middle of Copenhagenon December 9th.

Letter from Knud Pedersen

November, 2011

My wife and I had owned a summer house in Torup for 35 years when we were threatened by a wind park with 180 meters high wind turbines about 500 meters from our doorstep. Since then we have worked hard to draw attention to the sound levels from high wind turbines. We also suggested Vestas to sponsor a concert with sounds from wind turbines. As could be expected, the answer was no.

Together with a good friend, Casper Henning Hansen, who is drummer in the well-known Danish band called Moi Caprice, I then composed a wind turbine concert which we call Wind Power Horror Serenade.

There are three movements:
First movement is entitled 180 Meters, the second, 75 Meters, and the third, 250 Meters.

We have now received a grant from the Danish Arts Council for an outdoor concert to be performed on Kongens Nytorv immediately in front of Charlottenborg and next to Nyhavn in Copenhagen on Friday, 9 December from 4 pm to 6 pm.

The composition is based on wind power sounds and drums. From the Danish Meteorological Institute we have borrowed an instrument to measure the sound level of wind during the concert. Ida Auken, Denmark’s new Minister for the Environment, recently announced on national television that regulations for the distance between wind turbines and houses based on low frequency sound measurements will be made public in the near future.

Best regards,

Knud Pedersen

(The Art Library inCopenhagen)


AT Note:  How about if Edison Mission Energy arranges a trip to the concert for the folks neighboring the Pinnacle wind project in Mineral County WV?  Don’t you think it would be a nice gesture if the self-proclaimed “good corporate citizen” owners of the wind project funded a trip to Denmark for the neighbors of the Pinnacle wind project?  Heck, maybe the Braithwaite family and others could at least get a little sleep on the plane ride over and back – something they can’t seem to do in their homes since Edison installed the turbines.

Just a thought!

Be sure to visit our friends at EPAW as well as the North American Platform Against Windpower (NA-PAW).

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