The selective outrage of Greenpeace.

Jack Dini writes at the Hawaii Reporter:  “Greenpeace said the Syncrude (oil sands project killing ducks) trial exposed gaping holes in the regulatory process and highlighted insufficient enforcement and monitoring of oil sands operations.  However, Greenpeace has chosen to remain silent on wind turbine bird kills.”

Read his post at this link:  Canada Following United States Lead in Handling Bird Kills: A double standard applies to wind farms

(Thanks to Jon Boone at Stop Ill Wind)

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1 Response to The selective outrage of Greenpeace.

  1. Mr. Alias says:

    This one is not to hard to figure out, ask yourself how much cash has one or more wind companies dumped into Greenpeace. We have a group called the S.O.S “SAVE ONTARIO SPECIES” that are doing dick all. They receive cash from the Ontario Government in order to operate, if any of these groups were to say anything then the cash would stop. Did they realize exactly what was taken place with regards to Section 17 of the Endangered Species Act back in 2007 upon it’s final reading, its hard to say however one can wonder. Read the attached link to the PDF file and you can judge for yourself. The following groups make up the S.O.S. The sad thing about these groups, is they are not saying anything, or what are they telling our youth associated with these groups about the truths of Wind Turbines?

    -David Suzuki Foundaton

    – Ecojustice

    – Environmental Defence

    – Ontario Nature

    – CPAWS Wildlands League

    Click to access EndangeredSpecies_v7.pdf

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