The adverse effects of wind turbine noise – what you won’t hear from the wind industry!

We thank Mr. Jon Boone of Stop Ill Wind for directing us to these excellent position pieces concerning industrial wind turbine noise and the negative effect on your health.

The first is a presentation by Nina Pierpont, author of Wind Turbine Syndrome: a Report on a Natural Experiment to the Hammond (NY) Wind Committee.  Lest there be concern regarding Ms. Pierpont’s credentials, she received her MD from Johns Hopkins, her PhD and MS in Population Biology from Princeton and her BA in Biology from Yale.

Following is the full text of Dr. Pierpont’s presentation to the Committee:

The second study is Wind-Turbine Noise: What Audiologists Should Know, which suggests that “noise from modern wind turbines is not known to cause hearing loss, but the low-frequency noise and vibration emitted by wind turbines may have adverse health effects on humans and may become an important community noise concern.”  The authors, Jerry Punch, PhD, Richard James, BME, and Dan Pabst, BS, are with the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

Their article begins on Page 20 of the July/August 21-1 issue of Audiology Today – The magazine of, by and for Audiologists, which is provided here for your convenience:

These important position papers should be widely distributed to health officials in your area, your legislators and your neighbors.

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2 Responses to The adverse effects of wind turbine noise – what you won’t hear from the wind industry!

  1. Mike Fidler says:

    The Audiology article is one of the most learned and well-documented reports I have seen on the deleterious health effects of industrial wind. I have tried, without luck so far, to get interest whipped up in the leadership of the WV State Medical Association on this issue and it’s public health perspective. Perversely, one of our officers is an otolaryngologist (of all things) with a liberal affection for “green energy,” and an influential past-president of the organization owns property in Greenbrier County of interest to IW developers! It’s hard to push a stone up those mountains.

  2. Mike Fidler says:

    THe above IS my commment!

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