Save Western Maryland demands Garrett County wind farm comply with Endangered Species Act. UPDATE: NOTICE OF VIOLATIONS ADDED


For Immediate Release

July 3, 2010

Press Release

Save Western Maryland joined the Maryland Conservation Council and several concerned citizens on a June 23, 2010 letter providing official notice to Constellation Green Energy, LLC, Clipper Wind power, Inc., Criterion Power Partners, LLC, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, Inc. and the Garrett County Commissioners, that the installation and operation of the Constellation wind energy project will violate the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA).  Available evidence demonstrates that the Constellation wind project will almost certainly result in unauthorized “takes” of Indiana bats and Virginia big-eared bats, triggering criminal and civil enforcement actions.  Upon expiration of a 60 day period, suit may be filed in federal court.

Constellation and others could avoid liability under the ESA by acquiring an incidental take permit (ITP) from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service).  An ITP can be obtained after submission and approval of a habitat conservation plan.  The Service publishes a step-by step guide and assists in the development of such plans.

“The big wind developers purport to be responsible, corporate citizens.  As such, they must live up to their green image by complying with all laws, especially those designed to protect the environment such as the ESA.  Additionally, their business partners, including the local government, must also follow the laws.” states a spokesperson for Save Western Maryland.  “The responsible act would be to halt construction until a conservation plan is completed and a permit is issued.”

Please contact Save Western Maryland for additional information or to offer your support:

PO BOX  81, Oakland, MD  21550

Click on this link:  Save Western Maryland or cut and paste this into your address bar:

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For your convenience, we provide the press release in Scribd format.

UPDATE:  Full text of “Notice Of Violations of the Endangered Species Act in Connection With Constellation Green Energy, LLC’s Proposed Wind Energy Project In Garrett County, Maryland” follows:

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