Maine Industrial Wind: Citizens Task Force on Wind Power calls for moratorium.

From Mainebiz Online:  Wind foes call for statewide moratorium

A group opposed to wind power development is asking the governor to temporarily halt all wind farm construction in Maine.

Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power held a press conference this morning outside Gov. John Baldacci’s office calling for an executive order for a moratorium on permitting and construction of industrial wind projects in Maine until the state revises its noise regulations, according to a press release from the group. The task force expressed concern about health effects from the low-frequency noise emitted by wind turbines, citing complaints from residents near wind farms in Freedom, Mars Hill and Vinalhaven. The group also opposes the state’s streamlined process for permitting wind farms, which was passed by the Legislature in 2008.

Earlier this month, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court heard testimony from another group opposing the proposed Rollins Wind farm in the Lincoln area, who said the new state law ignores evidence about potential side effects from the noise generated by large wind farms, according to the Portland Press Herald. Opponents in that case want the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to revise noise regulations based on new evidence.

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AT Note:  You can reach the Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power – Maine at the highlighted text.

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1 Response to Maine Industrial Wind: Citizens Task Force on Wind Power calls for moratorium.

  1. Jill Cross says:

    With all the green power technology that is (finally!) being developed, I can see no good reason to turn Maine into one giant windfarm for the grid, no matter how much money they want to throw at us. Let’s not be hasty. There are alternatives to wind that should not be left behind. If we give the wind companies free rein now, it will be hard to diversify our energy sources in the future.

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