CBC News: “Northern New Brunswick’s cold, icy weather is causing wind turbines to freeze and stop producing power.”

And they planned for this?

From CBC News:  Ice halts northern N.B. wind farm

We have budgeted allowances for every year for possible generation interruptions like this caused by something like severe weather,” (Dani Sabota, a spokesperson for GDF Suez Energy North America, the company that owns the park) Sabota said.

We’re still OK, but we believe — we hope — this year’s severe icing was an anomaly.”

They also hope the mild weather in the forecast will melt the ice and that there will be enough wind to get the windmills moving again.

The new wind farm’s 33 turbines have been generating power since November, but they have been forced to shut down for the past two days due to ice forming on some of the blades.  The wind farm has been battling ice problems all winter.”

Read entire article here:  Ice halts northern N.B. wind farm

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1 Response to CBC News: “Northern New Brunswick’s cold, icy weather is causing wind turbines to freeze and stop producing power.”

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    According To Dave Friend, UW Wind Force , VP of Marketing and Sales, he says icing will not be an issue, before the WV PSC. The WV PSC has directed to shut down the turbines during ice condtions. So what if two turbines are located next to public road.

    Then again the WV PSC and Dave Friend does not live on the Green Mountain Road, that is often closed for school bus travel because of ice conditions.

    Read the comments at the end of this story:

    The Caribou wind park near Bathurst has the capacity to produce enough electricity to power about 30,000 homes.

    Cousins said they’ve lost about 20 days due to ice since the park went online three months ago.

    And again on Wednesday, none of the 33 windmills was operating.

    Well I guess 30,000 homes for the last twenty days is really glad they have a power backup source….

    So where is the reduction of green house gases during this last 20 days?

    A favorite…

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