“Friends of the Highland Mountains” fighting Maine’s largest industrial wind complex.

From Maine Public Broadcasting Newtork:

Residents and property owners living near the Highland Mountains in Somerset County are leading a fight against what could be the state’s largest industrial wind complex.

At a news conference in Portland today, the group “Friends of Highland Mountains” said that the 48-turbine project in Highland Plantation proposed by Highland Wind LLC would degrade local habitat and residents’ quality of life, and ruin the beauty of a ridgetop familiar to hikers of the Appalachian Trail.

Daniel Bell is a former state park manager who owns a camp in Highland Plantation. “I believe that it is vital that we protect and preserve as much as possible the natural character of this portion of our western Maine mountains.”

The group is requesting a public hearing from the state on the project, and is circulating an online petition.


Friends of the Highland Mountains mission statement:  Our mission is to protect and preserve, for current and future generations, the unique quality of place and the scenic and natural character of the mountains of Highland Plantation and its surrounding areas. We wish to encourage a preference for traditional uses of the mountain resources and to recognize and publicize the vital role they play in the identity and livelihood of our communities.


Contact information for the Friends of the Highland Mountains:




Friends Of The Highland Mountains

PO Box 111

New Portland, ME  04961


(207) 399-4850

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3 Responses to “Friends of the Highland Mountains” fighting Maine’s largest industrial wind complex.

  1. Karen Pease says:

    Thank you for this article. I am one of the ‘Friends’ and will be living in the shadow of Big Wind if this project is approved.

    The FotHM’s are not against wind power, but rather, we are FOR the responsible placing of industrial wind turbines. We do not feel the the degradatoin of Maine’s unique mountaintops–whether our 5 mountains here next to the Bigelow Preserve, or ANY of those across this beautiful state–is a sane, practical or responsible thing to do. The impacts such developments will have are far-reaching and irreversible. Loss of hundreds of acres of carbon-neutralizing trees and foliage, the dynamiting of our mountain ridgelines, the disruption of hunting and foraging trails, spraying of herbicides, possible hydrofractures, the constant low and high frequency noise which is causing health problems in humans, (see Wind Turbine Syndrome by Dr. Nina Pierpont), shadow flicker, ice throw, danger to birds and bats from massive spinning blades, and a host of other negative impacts all show that these industrial plants are not a good fit for the magnificent mountains of Maine. Add to that the very questionable ‘green’ factor, and I am amazed that these proposals have been allowed to proceed as far as they have. I believe the key to creating awareness about the realities of such large-scale developments is in education, and the FotHM are working to try to reach the people of Maine and provide them with the resources so that they can gain factual knowledge about this subject. We are ALL at risk, here; not just the few folks in the Highland Plantation region.

    Thank you for helping us in our efforts to save one of the last wilderness areas this side of the Mississippi from industrialization. If we stand together, we can find a way to create clean, green energy without despoiling our beautiful life-giving and economy-sustaining natural resources.
    Karen Pease
    Lexington Twp., ME

  2. Lawrence R. Bailey says:

    I grew up in Maine, but have lived here in Northeastern PA for many years. Over that period of time I have extolled the virtues of ME enough to people here that sometimes I’ve been asked why I didn’t return. Most of my relatives live in ME and even a cousin in Highland Plantation. Each year I’m like a military ‘short-timer’ – I cross off the remaining days as my annual Maine trip nears.

    I find this proposal of blighting, stripping, industrializing the wilderness in this area heart breaking and reprehensible. Please keep me abreast of the goings-on relative to this plan.

    Larry Bailey

  3. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Thank you for sharing this story….

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