US WindForce statement on WV PSC ruling.

For your convenience, we provide below the news release prepared by US WindForce, LLC regarding the WV PSC approval of the Pinnacle Knob siting certificate.

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1 Response to US WindForce statement on WV PSC ruling.

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    What make this article interesting…is the fact that Rickard Kerns, Mineral Daily News Tribune, used this same article to file his story:
    Little cutting and pasting, mix in a few past comments, but it remains US Wind Force spin (whoops story)

    AFA supports responsible and ethical journalism. One would expect that a local community paper would seek the comments of a citizens group…at least provide balanced story.

    Read and compare the story reported in the Cumberland Times News – Megan Miller.

    Thank you Cumberland Times News…..It will be my first paper to read in the morning.

    If US Wind Force remains the mouthpiece behind the Mineral Daily News Tribune don’t expect to read news…only a public relations marketing plan.

    Would the last subscriber to the MIneral Daily News please turn off the buildings lights before you lock the door.

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