Allegheny Front Alliance responds to Mineral County WV industrial wind siting approval.

Frank O’Hara, representing the Allegheny Front Alliance, provided this written statement regarding the decision of the WV Public Service Commission to grant a siting certificate for the Pinnacle Knob project:

  • “The decision made to permit installation of industrial wind turbines along the migratory flyways of the Allegheny Front for the benefit of outside investors is disappointing.  These massive turbines will contribute little to the energy needs of our country and contribute less to the quality of life within our community.

  • The members of the Allegheny Front Alliance are more than concerned with the coverage in the local press leading up to this decision and, frankly, feel the community could have been better served by aggressive reporting forcing the developer to address serious issues we raised, to no avail.

  • “This decision simply serves to reinforce the Allegheny Front Alliance goal to protect the Allegheny Front’s cultural and natural environment.  The AFA was formed with this as their mission, and that mission is obviously not complete.”

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