Nuclear Energy – powering our future.

Mr. John Droz, Jr., a physicist and environmental advocate, has long proposed a national plan to promote scientifically sound energy (and environmental) solutions.

We thank him for making available this important email he received from Dr. Ed Berry, an atmospheric physicist, supporting Nuclear Energy.

Please distribute.

Dear John,

John Shanahan just released the final Letter supporting Nuclear Energy. You can read and download the PDF file here. You may distribute the letter to the media and to your public officials.

Here’s why this Letter is vitally important to you and all citizens.

Imagine America is an airplane that used to be the highest and fastest airplane in the sky. It contained sufficient natural resources and engineering talent to keep it the highest and fastest airplane in the sky forever.

Along came the watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside). They did not like America to be the highest and fastest plane in the sky. So they got their lawyers and they passed laws against using the fuel resources on the airplane. One by one, the fuel lines were pinched … for environmental reasons of course. They made it illegal to emit carbon dioxide. The engineers were forced to retrofit the airplane to eat its own exhaust. This cut the power output by 60%. The plane slowed down and lost altitude. The greens danced and celebrated. The wise men worried.

The watermelons said we must not use fuels that emit carbon dioxide. They passed more laws requiring the engineers to fly the airplane on solar and wind power. The greens predicted that in 5 years the airplane could fly totally on renewable energy. The engineers tried but the energy content of solar and wind was not enough. The airplane slowed to stall speed and could barely stay in the sky. It lost more altitude and was now in danger of hitting a mountain top. The engineers said that wind power was not sufficient to even pay for its installation. The greens danced and celebrated. The wise men worried more.

The wise men said we could use nuclear energy to power the airplane and once again be the fastest and highest airplane in the sky. But the watermelons passed laws making nuclear power impossible to use. The greens worshiped solar and wind energy. The greens captured the media and made all the people think nuclear and carbon energy was bad. Their airplane was flying slow and low but the people rejoiced. The greens danced and celebrated. The wise men worried more.

We are all in the airplane. We who understand energy reality must wake up the people. We must wake up enough people so they make their elected representatives support nuclear and carbon fuels so our airplane can once again fly high and fast.

Here’s our main economic problem

The greens who control our resources have a religion. Their religion tells them that only renewable energy is “good” and all other energy is “bad.” Their definitions of good and bad are in their minds. They are the useful idiots, if you will, of those who wish to bring America to its knees and invoke a world government. The UN watermelons have penetrated over 500 American cities with their “sustainability” agenda. Sustainability or Smart Growth is all about government controlling people’s land and behavior. (Read my Letter to the City of Spokane.)

Wind and solar energy are nice little toys. They will remain forever toys. They will never power an F-16 and they will never power America. They are a waste of our economic resources and our attention time. If we allow the watermelons to force renewable energy and stop our real power of nuclear and carbon fuels, our airplane will hit a mountain.

Here’s what we can do with this letter

This letter effort organized by John Shanahan is the proper path to America’s future. Do I expect Holdren and Obama to have an epiphany and support nuclear power? No. But this Letter is extremely important nevertheless. We can use it in our local and state meetings. We can use it to educate our people to engineering and physical reality. We can use it to elect better people next time. Hey, maybe we can use it to exchange our watermelon college professors for some true patriot professors.

If we can educate enough people we can overcome and squash the watermelons. Maybe we can use this Letter to help elect Sarah Palin as our next president.

Below is John Shanahan’s cover letter to John Holdren.


Edwin X Berry, PhD

Atmospheric Physicist


Dear Dr. Holdren,

It has been about sixty years since the United States started out on its most important, long-term energy development program, nuclear power.

For the last 30 years or more, special interest groups and people within the government have taken steps to hinder and stop nuclear power programs.

Attached is a petition from top scientists and engineers throughout the United States and from eleven other countries asking that we proceed with streamline the licensing of Light Water Reactors, complete the development of fuel recycling in the IFR program and build some full scale prototype IFR facilities. These are the technologies with the most development efforts, operating experience and safety records.

This petition is signed by 190 or so people from around the world. You know many very well. There are additional supporters from many walks of life. The signers of this letter come from 12 countries and within the United States from 31 states.

The world wants nuclear power. It is important that we not delay any more, so that we can make maximum use of the experience of the people who pioneered the first fifty years of this marvelous energy source and so we don’t fall further behind other countries developing nuclear power.

Hopefully, the Obama Administration will listen to this petition from so many outstanding scientists, engineers, leaders in industry and citizens, and act decisively on it for the benefit of the United States. If not, we certainly hope that the next administration will include major plans for the restart of our most precious energy source.  Either way, this letter is a cornerstone for the effort to restart nuclear power in the United States.


John A. Shanahan, Dr. Ing.

660 Detroit St.
Denver, Colorado 80206

Climate Physics LLC, 439 Grand Ave #147, Bigfork, MT 59911, USA

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