Industrial wind plant slated for Mineral County, WV receives PSC approval.

Allegheny Treasures is not surprised by the decision of the WV PSC to permit installation of this costly, yet ineffective source of energy that will prove so destructive to our region.  We believe the PSC may well be limited in its powers to insure that industrial wind will benefit the community.  We believe perhaps the decision has more to do with insuring policies set by the Governor and Legislators are met.  So, our issue is not with the PSC.

We can happily report that rapidly growing member groups forming across the region recognize that the remedy lies at the feet of the elected officials who follow popular political winds and not the science behind the heavily subsidized and ineffective wind installations.  Our focus at Allegheny Treasures and, more importantly these Citizen Groups, will be to educate our legislators to the economic and environmental peril in which they place our state.  We will work toward enacting legislation requiring actual measurement of industrial wind performance, true cost analysis of projects and transparency in the all too generous tax subsidy system.  The people have a right to know what this adventure is costing them, and where their money is going.

We will continue to provide our citizens with the information they need to make better decisions.  We will provide them with information that, sadly, some of our local publications chose not to share.  That is why we began and that is why we will continue.

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