Birds and bats hope to find three wise men in Bethlehem – (Bethlehem, PA, that is!)

From  “Authority weighs wind farm plan: Conservationists laud the idea, but turbines could harm birds, bats, some wildlife experts fear.”

Same argument, different town – how much is our heritage/view-shed/environment/wildlife/community worth?

Seems, In the Pocono Mountains, there is a special spot where the songbirds gather.  On their way to and from their Caribbean winter homes, golden-winged warblers, whippoorwill and other neotropical birds feed on and nest near the blueberry and huckleberry bushes in the breezy barrens of Tunkhannock Township.

Well, you can almost predict what’s coming next, can’t you?  That same breeze is attracting wind chasers, alternative-energy companies hoping to harness the wind and feed an electric power grid with green energy. They’re looking to put turbines, standing possibly 400 feet from ground to blade tip, on prized property surrounding Bethlehem’s water supply.

So, what’s the big question?  You guessed it – Water officials are far from sold on the idea of a wind farm on such sensitive land, but with early income estimates of at least $500,000 a year, officials say it’s worth considering.

Did somebody say MONEY?????  Whohoo!!!  “This could potentially bring a significant amount of income to the utility, and we have an obligation to our rate-payers to explore that,” said David Brong, the city’s director of water and sewer resources. “We also have an obligation to be stewards of the land.”

Well then, what’s to debate?  The same argument about saving wildlife has been tried before gang.  Public officials will take the money, pat themselves on the back and put another feather in their cap.  Heck, here in the Alleghenies we’ll see your songbirds and raise you a Golden and Bald Eagle, and we’ll both still lose.  Check with the Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy and the court battle their waging with the LLCs hawking taxpayer subsidized multi-million dollar Lego sets in an attempt to protect their wildlife.  The Attorney for the wind folks suggests they count how many birds and bats are bludgeoned after the turbines are up and they’ll take a look at “adaptive management.”

The conservationists have fallen for the story line of clean, renewable energy which will eliminate carbon from your beautiful communities.  Hate to tell you Bethlehem, but unless three wise men show up by Christmas to stop these monstrosities, the only thing related to carbon you’ll see disappear will be the migratory birds that visit and the bats that reside in Carbon County.

Read the entire story – the same players pop up with the same statistics driving the same agenda.  Comments welcome.

Wake up folks!  Industrial wind doesn’t work:  “The Windpower Industry’s “top ten” false and misleading claims … Number 6 – Windplants will reduce the mining/burning of fossil fuels and lessen dependence on foreign oil.” … “Just a little reminder – wind won’t replace coal. Sorry, but it’s just a fact!” … “A Conversation with Jon Boone – Industrial Wind and the Environment” … “Yeah, but that was in Minnesota! The wind plant tax deal we have here is rock solid!

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