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Sing it with me! “The Green Rolling … oops, wait … The Pinwheel Topped Hills of West Virginia”

(Courtesy of our great friends at Windtoons) I guess maybe they’ll just have to change the lyrics:

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Open letter: Pinnacle wind farm benefits

Dear State and Local Official representing Mineral County, West Virginia, Subject: Pinnacle Wind project – focus on jobs, economic development and tax revenue. After a grand skirmish on both sides, the rising towers make it clear the Pinnacle wind project … Continue reading

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PJM grid: “wind farms will produce 13 percent of their generating capacity.”

Yep, you read it right!  The recent Laurence Hammack article at notes that “PJM Interconnection LLC, the suburban Philadelphia-based company that manages the grid for a 12-state area that includes Virginia … which likens itself to the grid’s air … Continue reading

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West Virginia House and Senate Leadership asked to review “flawed” industrial wind decommission funding process.

Recently, at the direction of the WV Public Service Commission, the Mineral County (WV) Commissioners approved a Decommissioning Fund and Escrow Agreement for the purpose of protecting county residents against potential financial harm.  It is my opinion that the agreement, … Continue reading

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Breaking! U of MD Chancellor punt might be a new Allegheny Treasures record!

I’ve got to admit, it wasn’t exactly the ringing endorsement I had expected.  In fact, from the email I just received from the University of Maryland Chancellor, it appears recent newspaper reports of the University of Maryland playing a role … Continue reading

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Call for increased scrutiny of industrial wind farms makes sense.

The following letter was submitted to the Charleston “WV” Daily Mail in response to their editorial titled: Wind farms deserve increasing scrutiny Charleston Daily Mail Editor Dear Sir or Madam: You are correct to demand increased scrutiny for wind farms.  … Continue reading

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Opinion: Sometimes “calling it in” just isn’t good enough.

OPINION: First, let’s get this out of the way, I’m not a journalist.  This is obvious to regulars, but I thought I should make the point for any new readers. The fact that I’m not a journalist doesn’t prevent me … Continue reading

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Open letter to Tal McBride, partner, Highland New Wind Development LLC

From The Recorder …..Highland New Wind- Letter to the Editor…Pocohontas County…. Resident takes issue with McBride’s statement An open letter to Tal McBride, partner, Highland New Wind Development LLC: NIMBY, the acronym for Not In My Backyard, is a pejorative … Continue reading

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AFL-CIO, upset about China/US Wind venture, says, “Hell No! We Won’t Send Our Tax Dollars to China!”

In line with the position of Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York, the AFL-CIO is concerned that the newly announced consortium of Chinese/American companies, formed to build a massive wind installation in Texas, is being funded by US Taxpayers, … Continue reading

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